Compensation, Benefit & Payroll Dept. Head


This position will responsible in ensuring that all compensation & Benefit activities within ABU Group are Accurate and timely in accordance with company regulations/policies and applicable laws


  • Carry out employee Tax processes
  • Prepare employee employment contracts
  • Carry out the process of reimbursement of claims submitted by employees
  • Analyzing sources of information on remuneration & benefit calculations (overtime, leave, loans, attendance, insurance, pensions, official travel, BPJS, and so on)
  • Prepare a budget allocation plan for employee remuneration & benefits
  • Develop payroll structure & scale
  • Monitor and evaluate employee compensation benefit reports to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of employee compensation benefit monthly reports.
  • Monitor and evaluate the process of calculating employee compensation
  • Monitor and evaluate the payment process
  • Qualifications:

    • Bachelor Degree - all Major 
    • Experience in Comben area for at least 10 years  
    • Microsoft Office proficiency, especially Ms. Excel
    • Familiar with HRIS 
    • Good Understanding in Employment and Tax regulations, BPJS Health & Employment, Job Analysis, Workload Analysis, Job Evaluation & Grading, Pay Scale