General Manager ABB (Agro Beternak Bersama)


The ideal candidate will have experience leading a team and managing the daily operation of the business. They will be responsible in ensuring strategic plans for Farming business are in accordance with company regulations & targets



·   Leading business operations, including generate, develop, and manage human resource strategies to support the implementation of business strategies.

·   Identify emerging issues related to business and operational performance in all areas of Farming and formulate relevant corrective actions.

·    Implementing the business strategy determined by Management with the aim of achieving profitable growth in the Farming area in both the short and long term, and ensuring that the business model implemented can be adapted to ensure long-term profitability.

·  Implement mitigation strategies for various risks and problems that arise in Farming, both preventive and curative.

·   Organize, implement, manage and evaluate the budget and its use, as well as provide reports for use by Management.

·   Ensure accuracy, knowledge, and conformity of all aspects related to Farming with procedures/SOPs and Company Regulations.



·         Bachelor of Animal Husbandry Engineering or Agricultural Management

·   Minimum 10 years working experience in the field of Farming or Farming production operations

·        Demonstrated Strong Leadership

·         Comfort working with budgets, payroll, revenue and forecasting

·         Strong communications skills