Legal Manager


PT. Agro Boga Utama is hiring!

We are looking for a talented candidate as Legal Manager. This person will be manage, control, ensure and evaluate all legal aspects related to corporate action, company business, corporate legality (general), bad debt customers, litigation and non-litigation processes as well as other legal aspects in order to minimize legal risk (legal risk mitigation) to the Company.

Legal Drafting, Legal Opinion, Legal Audits
Litigation & non Litigation
English Language


  • Legal documents (general permit, contract/agreement, correspondence, subpoena, etc)

  • Settlement of legal issues by litigation and non-litigation
  • Fulfillment of legal studies (legal opinion, legal review) on any per-law regulations relating to the Company's business and corporate actions.

  • Fostering a network of cooperation with Government/private Agencies and law enforcement officers in order to increase the effectiveness of handling Licensing Issues, Handling cases and resolving legal issues.

  • Responsible for Bad Debt Customer and Fraud handling and recovery strategy.

  • Strong character and target oriented.

  • Able to communicate in English (oral and written)

Must Have...

-  Minimum experience 10 years in legal area and 5 years as Legal Manager

-  Able to communicate in English (oral and written)

-  Hold Peradi license

-  Mastering the Litigation process and Non Litigation

-  Mastering Legal Drafting, Legal Opinion and Legal Audits

-  Strong character and target oriented.