PT. AGRO BOGA UTAMA  is a distribution and manufacture company which provide a frozen food such as meat, chicken, seafood, dairy products, and mixed vegetables. With a high dedication we committed to always giving the best quality with a best price, a good service and accessible area to meet our branch or store. Our branches is covered all area from Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Eastern Indonesia.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

1. Monitoring & evaluating slow moving & unmoving products so that the stock rotation days meet the established standards

2. Monitoring product life to avoid company losses

3. Prepare product information sheets so that new product information is available

4. Identifying customer lead data to have customer prospect data

5. Conducting customer satisfaction & complaint surveys

6. Identify, organize & monitor promotional event programs, sponsorships, product sampling, sales aids, socialization of marketing tools

7. Monitor the implementation of the sales incentive program

8. Drafting, monitoring & evaluating the effectiveness of marketing tools

9. Carry out market product research so that new product variants are available

10. Monitor & evaluate new product sales results in the form of quantity & rupiah value in order to achieve the sales target of new products that have been set

11. Propose potential sales in an area so that supporting data is available in the context of opening new branches

12. Propose a customer satisfaction improvement program

13. Planning a new product marketing program in order to achieve the sales target of the new product that has been set


1. Represent the company to the government agency when conducting a feasibility study

2. Recommend steps for improvement in terms of customer segment and priority of selling products

3. Recommend new product items to add variety to sales

4. Recapitulating sales performance reports and the results of achieving sales strategy implementation

5. Pulling sales data from the system

6. Release strategic programs or sales monitoring to support target achievement